We use Rocktape to correct many issues within the body because of the many benefits of using kiniseotape, such as….

  • Decrease Inflammation – by applying the tape in a specific fashion, we can pull inflammation out from joints and tissues.
  • Correct Imbalances – The kiniseotape will pull your joints and tissues into the correct alignment, which will alleviate symptoms. The picture on the left is a golfer with a side-side imbalance within the hips and a front to back imbalance within the shoulder complex.
  • Stabilize Joints – We can apply tape to stabilize a joint like a brace, but less cumbersome. The picture on the right is a woman with a sprained finger. We stabilized the joint while pulling inflammation out from the joint at the same time. This method can heal a sprained ankle in half the time. Also works great for ribs and vertebrae that get out of alignment or subluxated.
  • Pregnancy – We even tape for the symptoms of round ligament pain, rectus diastasis, and even moving the infant from the rib cage or bladder.